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  • Hong Kong Skydrive, a stereoscopic 3D experimental short film was selected for screening at:

  • Juxtaposition featured in Steresocopy News, Nov 2011, "3D Panoramic Picture Sets New World Record".

  • Lectures from Improvisation Technologies by William Forsythe, 2011. Volker Kuchelmeister, Nik Haffner, Chris Ziegler.
    Currently exhibited at:
    • Centre Pompidou. Paris. Nov 23 2011 - April 2 2012.
    • The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston. Boston. October 7 2011 - January 16 2012.

  • Forthcoming: Fragmentation, 2011 with Robert Lepage, multi-channel stereoscopic 3D video installation at the Museum of Beaux-arts of MontrĂ©al, April 2012.

Flexible Panoramic Display and Capture Platform
Work in progress, 2012

Selected projects:

Juxtapositions, 3D installation
Beyond Festival ZKM, 2011

Improvisation Technologies, 1994-2011

Fragmentation with Robert Lepage. Multi-channel stereoscopic/3D video installation, 2011.

Immersive Cinema Museum Display.
BackoBourke Exhibition Centre, 2009.

Double District with Saburo Teshigawara, 2008.

Stereoscopic Pre-Visualisation with Sketchup and Quartz Composer, 2009

Stereoscopic multi-perspective capture and volumetric scene reconstruction, 2009.

Interactive stereoscopic scanline visualisation, 2010.

3D User Interface for Spherical and Fisheye Representations, 2011.

Google Streetview in the iDome, Prototyoe, 2010.

Software tools for Stereoscopic 3D Imaging..

Stereographic/3D Rig for Prosumer Camcorders, 2010