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City Jam


Responsive, expanded cinema installation. 2007/13.

Responsive, expanded cinema installation. City Jam is an immersive ride alongside some of Sydney’s iconic landmarks such as Bondi Beach, the Harbour Bridge and inner city. This journey is accompanied by a fast-paced sound track form australian indie-punk band XL Capris. The panoramic video is projected onto a large curved screen and exposed to analog style video glitches, triggered by analysing live video feeds from traffic cameras around Sydney or the presence and movement of spectators.

It is based on a 360 degree film shot in 2007 with the UNSW iCinema Centre Spherecam, a custom built high resolution omni-directional capture system, a first of its kind.

This re-edited and responsive adaptation of the original film takes the audience on a a visual and auditory ride while stepping back in time to the VHS aesthetics and music of the 80’s.

  • ISEA Int. Symposium for Electronic Arts. Running the City at ID Gallery Sydney, June 7 – July 2013.
  • UNSW iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research