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Immersive and interactive stereoscopic 3D video installation, 2011.

Juxtaposition explores place and representation by interconnecting two seemingly radical different environments, the Tasmanian wilderness and extreme urban development in Hong Kong. The work is adapted for three different presentation formats: as an immersive large-screen 360 degree stereoscopic projection, a stereoscopic 3D filmic version and as an interactive installation within a custom build 360 degree revolving projection platform.

The result is a stereoscopic 3D giga-pixel panorama montage (~80k pixel long), constructed from about 20 separate scenes and on-location sound recordings. The contact points between panoramas and locations are shaped as seamless transitions. Those transitions are probably the most interesting part in this work, they are not simple blending from one to the next, but elaborate compositions within the scene architectures and, very important, stereoscopic depth.

  • Beyond Festival – 3Days of Dimensions. May 26 – 30 June 2011. ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Germany. Curator: Ludger Pfanz, Bernd Linterman
  • ISEA International Symposium of Electronic Arts, 2012, Machine Wilderness. Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sept 2012.
  • ICCI360 Arena, London 2012 Cultural Olympiad Maritime Mix. July 2012.
  • School of Creative Media, City University Hong Kong, Ran Ran Shaw Creative Media Centre,2013.
  • ISEA International Symposium on Electronic Art Sydney 2013.
  • Screen Space Melbourne 2013.
  • QView Albury Digital Art Gallery 2013.
  • UNSW iCinema Centre.
  • Realtime Magazine, The Thousands and Stereoscopy News.
  • Juxtaposition was featured in steresocopy news, the industry leading blog (Nov 2011) .
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  • Honourable Mention at Interfaces 2013 Center for Science and Technology of the Arts Escola Das Artes Porto.
  • Special Mention at Screengrab 2013 James Cook University.
Funded by
  • ASPERA Australian Screen Production Education & Research Association and COFA.