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360 degree, cloud time-lapse film, 2013

Monsoon is a 360 degree time-lapse film depicting clouds forming during the tropical wet season in Queensland. Northern Australia has experienced a dramatic increase in extreme weather events during the last few years, in particular cyclonic storms and flooding. This is accompanied by a shift towards a later arrival of the wet season, making long term weather prediction more difficult.

Shot from a observation tower on a mountain top in the hinterland of Sunshine Coast, the film captures the dramatic formation and the convection of clouds across the coastal region and its conveyance as a rain front towards the hinterland.
The production of Monsoon was challenging. Heavy rain and road closures due to flooding grounded the team for several days, before a short window of opportunity with favorable weather allowed for the capture of multiple time-lapse sequences. It is a world first in capturing time-lapse in 360 degree.
Monsoon can be formatted for panoramic (cylindrical screen) or spherical (hemispherical projection). Vertical coverage is approximately 50-60 degree.

Probably one of the first time a ultra high resolution 360 degree time-lapse of clouds is captured. Using 8 Nikon DSLR camera with a 16mm lens, a custom remote controller  the stitched panorama is ~16k pixel wide.

Excerpt of 360 degree time-lapse cloud film used for stage show for Coldplay 2014 tour produced by Academy Film UK.