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VIVID Sydney: Sight (Site) Uncovered


Curated by Rachael Kiang and Volker Kuchelmeister for Vivid Sydney 2016 light festival, at he Galeries X Sydney Pitt Street.

Sight (Site) Uncovered investigates the consuence of consumption with technology, nature and identity over
a three-chapter narrative. It disrupts the dynamics of the familiar mall encounter, inviting the incidental viewer and visitor alike to experience different possibilities of rhythm and ow through the space.

Chapter 1: The Abstract: Human Technology Interplay

Rewa Wright: An Algorithmic Life (2016)
This work simulates and speculates upon algorithmic ‘life’
as an emergent computational strata. Music is composed by Simon Howden using an improvisational technique that traces the contours of the visual recording.

Justin Harvey: Curtain (2016)
Curtain is the outcome of an unpredictable process of human/ machine interaction, evolved out of research around digital video feedback loops created with a smartphone camera, television monitor and domestic wi network.

Miguel Valenzuela: Rhizome (2016)
Rhizome is part of a series of experiments that traverse analogue and digital formats in an exploration of form, movement and colour. The results demonstrate diverse possibilities for shapes, forms and colour from a seemingly insigni cant source.

Chris Henschke: Cosmic Collisions (2016)
The observation of cosmic particle tracks, formed in a detector at the European Organization of Nuclear Research (CERN), produces a shift in perspective and connects our everyday reality with the wider universe.

Deborah Kelly and Christian J Heinrich:
Earthlings’ Greetings (2014)
A collaboration between Deborah Kelly and Christian J Heinrich, this work proposes an etiquette to frame our encounters with those who come to us from as far as stars.

Chapter 2: The Landscape: In Nature We Seek

Janet Laurence: Ferment (2012)
Ferment inverts an alchemical afterlife of the installation Memory of Nature located in the Art Gallery of NSW. It creates an environment of ghosted life while the soundtrack recalls memories of nature.

Mimi Tong: Formation (Winter) (2014)
Formation (Winter) captures the frozen Gulf of Finland Sea as a monochromic drawing inspired by the scroll format of Chinese painting. The ferry travelling to and from Helsinki CBD and Suomenlinna Island acts as a drawing tool.

Tom Ellard: Shopmitter (2016)
Shopmitter represents six years of ongoing investigation into visual music. It is based on the concept that a colour music notation could be formed by emulating a natural form such as the sky.

Shoufay Derz: Someone Digging in the Ground (2015) Originally a two-channel piece, this video work is cryptic with multiple connotations of burial, of searching, of hidden depths, of excited hope, of desperation, of wonder, of bottomless longing, of eternal quest.

Chapter 3: The Self: Notions of Identity and (Dis)location

Beth Dillon & Anton Benois: Ego Trip (2015)
Ego Trip considers representations of nature and travel in contemporary consumer culture. This landscape study plays with constructions of the wilderness and the wanderer in fashion and tourism advertising.

Heath Franco: Portrait (2010- 2015)
Remixed from three videos – Portrait, Portrait (Reflection) and Portrait (Refraction), the work presents a myriad of colourful characters that mimic and distort images from Western popular culture tropes. Remixed and mapped by Volker Kuchemeister.

Elena Knox: Power Generator (2014)
In Power Generator, a young woman moves in rhythm with her environment. Executing the choreography of a rodeo hostess atop an emergent source of energy, this inheritor of the Earth is generating her own power.