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Site-specific photographic installation for Desert Equinox exhibition, Broken Hill, 2012

This site-specific photographic installation looks at the impact that the decline of Broken Hill’s mining industry has had on the community. Although the industry is resurgent today, labour usage remains low. This has led to a number of suburban blocks becoming unoccupied, many of them owned by the mining industry and seemingly forgotten.
In this work a photograph of such an unoccupied property taken during daylight is juxtaposed with the same scene captured at night. These two scenes are interwoven, printed and glued onto a corrugated iron fence as a wallpaper. Looking at the fence front-on, the image appears as an amalgamation, but as the viewer changes their point of view to look at the fence from a steep angle, the day or night scene is gradually revealed.

Desert Equinox Exhibition:

Curator: Allan Giddy

Desert Equinox is timed to coincide with the 2012 spring equinox, this exhibition will showcase approximately 26 solar powered artworks to be installed around the desert city of Broken Hill. Lying 16 hours to the west of Sydney, this formidable environment will accommodate works that are intended for evening viewing, with citizens encouraged to navigate the city in search of installations.