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Stereographic/3D Rig for Prosumer Camcorders, 2010

A stereoscopic/3D camera rig designed for a multi channel stereoscopic video installation (Lip Synch with Robert Lepage, produced by epidemic France).

The goal was to get the two camcorders close enough together to be able to shoot ortho stereo, meaning an interocular distance of ~ 65mm, close to the human eyes. The rig is flexible, lightweight and it is easy to physicaly align the camera pair (pan, tilt and roll) and economical to produce.
The cameras with a .65 wide angle adapter lens have a minimum interocular distance of 69mm, the maximum is ~120mm. For the small distance it is required to mount one camera up-side-down. For larger distances, the camera are mounted next to each other.

Stereoscopic/3D camera rig alignment tool
Stereoscopic Conversion/Display patch for Quartz Composer

Stereo rigs, the right camera is mounted up side down

Stereo rig, cameras mounted next to each other for larger interocular distances

Six rigs where produced for multi-channel stereoscopic capture

Three different design iterations

Diagramm of voxel density across time and scene.
Diffrenet voxel render styles
Video still in comparison with the voxel model
video still
voxel model
video still
voxel model
close up voxel model, rendered as cubes
voxel model
voxel model
voxel model
voxel model