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Software tools for stereoscopic 3D Imaging

After Effects anaglyphic 3D plugin

Developed with Adobe Pixel Bender. Similar to Apple Core Image of Shading Languages, it does image processing completely in the graphics processor without overhead for the CPU. The result is a great quality, realtime anaglyphic image processing filter with multiple adjustment posibilities.

• Four anaglyph types (gray scale, color, half-color, optimized)
• Left, right and difference image
• swap left-right image
• horizontal and vertical offset for left image
• gamma adjustment

Plug in After Effects interface

Download it here

Copy the anaglyph.pbk to ...\Adobe After Effects CS4\Plug-ins\Effects
Restart AFX and you are ready to go.

Create two layers, one with the left and one with the right eye footage. Apply the "Anaglyphic 3D" effect in the "stereo 3d" category to the left eye footage and choose right eye layer as the "input 2", you can make the right layer invisible. Choose the an anaglyph type and adjust the settings.

Inspiration was David Shelton's "Optimized Anaglyph Filter". Anaglyphic algorithms from 3dtv.at

Stereoscopic Conversion/Display patch for Quartz Composer

A patch for Quartz Composer to display and convert from/to various stereoscopic formats.
Most conversions are realised as Core Image filters and executed in the GPU. The patch does work for still images and QuickTime movies.
The stereo pairs should be already aligned, a future version will allow for manual alignment in translation, scale and rotation.

Stereoscopic Conversion/Display patch for Quartz Composer

Input formats:
• separate left/right
• side by side
• top/bottom
• row interlaced

Output formats:
• anaglyphic (true, bw, color, half-color)
• side by side
• top/bottom
• checkerboard interlaced (DLP)
• row interlaced (parallax barrier and auto stereoscopic)
• left/right
Other parameters:
• swap left/right
• horizontal parallax offset
• gamma adjustment

• stereo image
• left image, right image
• display width and height (to correct for aspect ratio)

Stereoscopic/3D camera rig alignment tool

This patch, based on Quartz Composer, allows live video input from two cameras to physically align and calibrate the camera pair. It turned out really useful to calibrate the stereo rig I designed.
Do to limitations in QuartzComposer (it allows only to grab one live image from one camera at a time), it was necessary to use 3rd party software to grab and display the live video streams and a QC plugin to grab the portion of the screen where the videos are displayed to use them within QuartzComposer.

Output formats:
• anaglyphic
• row interlaced (autostereoscopic displays)
• screen blend
• Silhouette Luma
• Difference blend

Other parameters:
• parallax adjustment
• rotate one of the camera images 180º
• left and right camera image offest

• two DayStar XLR USB video grabbers
• USB Vision grabber application
Apple Quartz Composer
V002 Screen Capture plugin for QuartzComposer

Stereoscopic/3D camera rig alignment tool

Stereoscopic/3D camera rig based on Prosumer HD camcorders